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Oil and Water Text
Mix oil and water, or any liquid combination, using layer properties in Photoshop.


Start a new image and add text. Set the font color to something to represent your transition color (where the oil meets the water). 


Double click the text layer and add a Bevel and Emboss layer style.  Set it to Inner Bevel with Smooth technique.  Set the depth to something over 100%, direction Up set the size to something about 50 with a low soften value.  Adjust the shading so that the angle is upwards, 90 degrees, and the altitude is low, ~1 degree.  The trick here is to use the highlight and shadow colors to represent the oil and water.  Set the highlight and shadow modes to Normal with 100% opacity.  Set the highlight color to a brown yellow for oil, and the shadow color to a light blue for water.


Don't close the layer styles menu yet. Click the Gloss Contour shape to open the contour editor.  Add a control point and adjust its values so that it's located in the upper left.  This will adjust the transition range between the colors, the highlight and shadow.

And there you have it, a basic font with a oil on water apperance. Try adjusting the angle values to make the oil and water mixture do interesting things.

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