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Bubble Gum Text
Transform your text into that classic bubble gum goodness.


Start a new image and write your text on a white background.  I used Berlin Sans FB font. To get a good bubblegum color use the CMYK color % inputs in the color picker.  Make your text a basic bubblegum pink, which easily correlates to a 30 in the M (magenta).


Double click the layer to apply layer styles.  Add a Bevel and Emboss layer.  Set the style to Inner Bevel, technique to Smooth.  Maximize the depth to 1000%.  Direction Up.  The Size will depend on your text size, but should be relatively low, and in this case (for an image width of approx 1000 pixels) I used 5.  Set soften to 0.  The shading is where this starts to shine.  Set the angle to 90 and the altitude to 20 (you can change this later to tweak).  Change the highlight color to a lighter pink (set M to 20) and the shadow color to a darker pink (set M to 40).  Change the gloss contour to a rounded shape.  You may also want to adjust the sub-contour to a rounded shape.


This looks pretty good and you can stop here if you're satisfied, but we can take it a step further by adding a Satin layer.  Set the angle to 90 and the color to a darker pink (set M to 50).  Make the blend mode Normal with opacity of 50%.  Set the distance and size to 10 each.


One more step, add a Pattern Overlay.   Set the pattern to "Satin" (looks chrome like).  Set the blend mode to Overlay or Lighten with opacity of about 50%.  Scale to fit your desires.


And there you have it, a pretty good looking bubble gum font. If you want, you can further adjust it by playing with the light angles, as well as the blending modes.

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