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Over the years we've done our fair share of graphic text manipulation so we decided to share our knowledge. This collection of tutorials illustrate numerous ways to make cool text effects using Adobe Photoshop.

light rays

Easy Light Rays
Make your text look like its has a light source behind it.

Electric Arcs
Add electrical arcs to your text.


Blow up you text by adding a firey explosion behind it.

Transform your text into that classic bubble gum goodness using only layer styles.


Freeze your text with this neat effect.


Convert hard edges to rounded edges.

3d shadows

Easy 3D Shadows
Make more interesting text by adding some depth to your shadows.

Oil and Water
An easy way to make dynamic looking oil and water using only layer styles.

better light rays

Better Light Rays
An improvment on the Easy Light Rays tutorial.

wind burn

Wind Burn
Set your text on fire with this wind blasted flame thrower effect.

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