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Creating a Painted Logo with Adobe Photoshop
How to create a splatter painted logo with adobe photoshop
By Bill Nagel

1. Start by scanning or photographing a black and white image you would like to color.

Clean up the image by desaturating, and changing the brightness and contrast.


2. double click on the layer to change it to Layer 0 and change the blending mode to screen.

Add a new layer behind Layer 0
and paint it blue


3. Color the center section of the image red. (or any color you want)


4. Erase the right half white area on Layer 0.

This will allow additional layers to use the blue background.
(see step 7)

5. Scan or photograph some ink splatter. You can use a broken pen or spray paint or india ink to create the spatter.

make sure this image is of high resolution because you may scaling it up.

Once again clean up the image.

Download the Ink Splatter image

6. Drag in the spatter image and move, rotate, or scale the image to where you want it.

Erase all the white areas that cover up the logo.


7. Change its blending mode to Screen.

Make sure the blue layer is visible behind the splatter marks


8. Drag in the splatter image once again and change its blending mode to Multiply

Move the spatter to where you want it.


9. Add your text.

you can also paint your text as shown in our actual logo at the top of the page.


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