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The Double-Do-It and Crop-it Approach
How to keep a seamless texture seamless when using Photoshop filters.
By Ryan Foss

The basic premise to the Double-Do-It and Crop-It approach is just that, you take the image canvas and double it. Then Duplicate the image so that its a 2x2 grid tile. Then you do what you want to do, then crop the canvas back to the original dimensions, thus keeping the seamlessness This is how it goes.

Take an image that you know is seamless, like this sample metal grating. In this case, the image is 200 x 160 pixels.
metal grating seamless texture

However, if you want to get "artsy" with this image, but maintain the seamlessness, you may have difficulties. For instance, let's try applying a Motion Blur.

photoshop motion blur settings, 21 = motion blur applied

Unfortunately, the image border breaks the seamlessness as can be seen when the image is tiled.

Well, lets fix it already! So, knowing that we want to apply a filter that breaks a seamless image at the borders, lets Double It up. Take the original image, then double the canvas size (%200) with the anchor in the top left corner.

photoshop canvas size, 200% = photoshop layers

Now duplicate the original layer three times and position them so that you've got the image tiled in a 2 x 2 grid. Merge down or flatten image.

photoshop layers, 4 copies tiled together

Now apply the filter.

photoshop motion blur settings, 21 = photoshop motion blur applied

Adjust the canvas size back to norma by halving it (%50) with the anchor in the center. Get where we're going here?

photoshop canvas size, 50% = new sized image, seamless borders

This image is seamless. Its a few extra steps to keep it that way, but at least its possible. Here is a comparison.

Original image with filter applied results is visible seam when tiled.
By Double-Do-It and Crop-It, we can maintain the seamless nature of the image.

In summary, though this is purely an example, you may come across situations where filters create unwanted seams. This is a simple and easy method to keep the seamless appearance.

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