Bullets Over Breakfast
Special Edition DVD
(~120 minutes)


  • Professionally replicated – this DVD isn't made on the spot by some guy’s PC in his basement. Its a REAL DVD, and should work in any DVD player.
  • Extra Content – This DVD is packed full of extra content. Sure, the short is only 11 minutes long, but we’ve managed to fit just over 2 hours of video onto this DVD. If you're a film maker, or just interested in how things get done, then you're sure to enjoy the extra features.

DVD Contents

  • Interactive Menus – Why do DVDs even say this?
  • Scene Selection – Quickly access scenes, chapters, in the movie. Yay!
  • Audio Commentary – Watch the short with audio commentary by Quantum Petshop (Ryan, Brandon and Bill).
  • Teaser/Trailers – See the Bullets over Breakfast teaser and trailer on your very own TV. Also, ONLY on the DVD, see the Bullets over Breakfast 2: Death before Dinner trailer.
  • Ten (10) Special FX Descriptions – See how we did some of the special effects for the film.
  • Images/Artwork Slideshow – See numerous photos, on set images, and art work generated during the production. Its even set to music, wow!
  • Outtakes, Bloopers & Deleted – Various extra, often humorous, clips from filming.
  • Bonus Music Videos – Music videos produced by Rich Stahle for UMTV. Rich produced the majority of the music for Bullets over Breakfast.
  • Bonus Quantum Petshop Shorts – Five additional Quantum Petshop short videos. Plus an animation and a special effects clip made by Ryan.
  • Pants – Huh? You'll have to get the DVD to figure this one out! Could it be a hidden feature?

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