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BIOGRAPHY RYAN FOSS (last update May 2007)

I'm Ryan Foss, an emerging, self-taught filmmaker. I have completed more than a dozen short films, including 3D animation and DV. I started making 2D animations while in high school in the early nineties, producing dozens of shorts for fun and school. After graduating college with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in 1998 I started making 3D animations, eventually finishing three 3D animated shorts. In 2002, two of my animated shorts were included in Volume One of North America's Best Independent Animated Shorts. In 2005 I filmed Bill's Big Pumpkins which was finished in Spring 2007. I've also worked on Breakfast Time and Bullets over Breakfast, two short films showcasing my FX ability and off-beat sense of humor. I'm currently in promotion mode doing the festival circuit with Bill's Big Pumpkins.

I have a BS in mechanical engineering. I've had no formal training in film, video or graphic arts. I enjoy making animations and videos in my free time. I have been involved with multiple independent artists, providing editing, special effects work, and animations. In 2002 I was Lead Animator and Assistant Editor on “Space Specks”, a feature length independent film produced by Dunbar Productions. I've also helped dozens of independent filmmakers with FX and animation needs, including Muffin Man, and Ravedactyl and Civilian Justice.

Additionally, I'm an author of short narrative fiction, though unpublished. I also write helpful tutorials for filmmakers and graphic artists.

Ryan Foss is married and lives with his wife and three sons in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).


Bill's Big Pumpkins (production 2005, finished 2007)

Breakfast Time (2006) 8 min, Award Winner (3)
Aidan Dance (2005) 2 min, 4th place IFilm Dance Off competition
Bullets Over Breakfast (2004) 12 min
House Jumping (2003) 1 min
Shit Skits (2003) 3 min
Our Film Submitted (2001) 9 min
Bulb II (2001, 3D animation) 5 min
Bulb (2000, 3D animation) 2 min
Picasso's Neighbor (2000) 4 min
Robot Janitor Boredom (1999, 3D animation) 2 min<

The End is Naught trailer (2004) 2 min

Grain Belt Beer Commercial Contest (2004) 30 sec
Got Light (2003) 1 min
Lamp (2003) 1 min
Hammer (2000) 1 min

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