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<% Dim objCDONTS ' Email object Dim strFromEmail ' Email addresses Dim strThisPage ' This page's URL Dim strReferringPage ' The referring page's URL Dim bValidInput ' A boolean indicating valid parameters ' Retrieve this page name and referring page name strThisPage = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") strReferringPage = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") strFromEmail = Trim(Request.Form("txtFromEmail")) ' Quick validation just to make sure our parameters are somewhat valid bValidInput = True bValidInput = bValidInput And IsValidEmail(strFromEmail) ' If valid send email and show thanks, o/w show form If bValidInput Then ' Set up our email object and send the message Set objCDONTS = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") objCDONTS.From = "info" & "@" & "quantumpetshop.com" objCDONTS.BCC = strFromEmail objCDONTS.to = "info" & "@" & "quantumpetshop.com" objCDONTS.Subject = "Newsletter Request: Pumpkin Documentary" objCDONTS.Body = "Newsletter Request Confirmed." & vbCrLf & strFromEmail objCDONTS.Send Set objCDONTS = Nothing ' Show our thank you message ShowThanksMsg Else ' Show our information retrieval form ShowReferralForm strThisPage, strFromEmail End If ' A quick email syntax checker. It's not perfect, ' but it's quick and easy and will catch most of ' the bad addresses than people type in. Function IsValidEmail(strEmail) Dim bIsValid bIsValid = True If Len(strEmail) < 5 Then bIsValid = False Else If Instr(1, strEmail, " ") <> 0 Then bIsValid = False Else If InStr(1, strEmail, "@", 1) < 2 Then bIsValid = False Else If InStrRev(strEmail, ".") < InStr(1, strEmail, "@", 1) + 2 Then bIsValid = False End If End If End If End If IsValidEmail = bIsValid End Function ' I made this a function just to get it out of the ' logic and make it easier to read. It just shows the ' form that asks for the input Sub ShowReferralForm(strPageName, strFromEmail) ' I use script_name so users can rename this script witout having to change the code. %>
Let me know about updates.
<% End Sub ' This just shows our thank you message... probably didn't need to ' be a function, but since I made the form one I figured I'd do this ' for consistency. Sub ShowThanksMsg() %>
Your e-mail has been submitted.
You will be added to the e-mail list. Thank you.
<% End Sub %>

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