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The movie is completed and available at Bill's Big Pumpkins. Thanks to all for the support and encouragment.

About the Film
In 2004, Bill Foss of Buffalo Minnesota (USA) grew nine giant pumpkins totaling over two and a half tons, just missing the half ton mark on his biggest. His 713 lb pumpkin holds the record at the 2004 Minnesota State Fair and seeds from his 865 is one of the most popular this year with other growers.

This year he's hoping to top his record at the Minnesota State Fair, beat the Minnesota state record of 1083.5, and just grow big.

Follow Bill Foss as he attempts to break various records by growing big pumpkins. Filled with humor and insight into the world of giant pumpkin growers, this documentary hopes to tell the tale of one midwestern man's road to victory, with the obvious extra helping of pumpkin.

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Exploding Giant Pumpkin
Oct 29th, 2005
The season ends with a bang! 992 lbs of pumpkin vs. 1 lb TNT equals exploding pumpkin.


play The video on display at the 2005 MN State Fair

Time Lapse - August 28, 2005
Pumpkin Growth
(9MB) / (2MB)

Time Lapse - July 13, 2005
Pumpkin splits

Time Lapse - July 7, 2005
Pumpkin growing
(7MB) / (1MB)

Time Lapse - May 15, 2005
Seeds growing

Time Lapse - April 30, 2005
Seeds growing

Time Lapse - April 18, 2005
Seeds growing


Bill Foss was on WCCO News. See the video here

Growing Instructions
Bill puts his mind to paper and writes a couple tutorials on growing giant pumpkins. Here they are:

  1. Basic Giant Pumpkin Growing Instructions
  2. Detailed Instructions, How to Grow the Giant Pumpkin

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Bill Foss harvested one of his pumpkins for the 2005 Minnesota State Fair on August 24th. It was grown from one of the world's largest pumpkins, a 1432 lb pumpkin. Its crossed with a 1458 lb pumpkin. Surprisingly, it weighed 10% heavier than measured!

Watch the video that was on display at the 2005 MN State Fair

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Grower Resources
Will your pumpkin reach 1000 lbs? Pumpkin Pacer 1000.

Giant Pumpkin Links
Bill Foss's 2005 Pumpkin Diary
NY State's Giant Pumpkin Growers Association
Pumpkin Patch


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