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"What happens when three armed roommates realize there is only one waffle left in the house? Armageddon, Quantum Petshop style!"

"Three men. One waffle. Lots of ammo! This breakfast could get deadly."

Promotional Images and Informatuion for the Short Film Bullets over Breakfast (2004) Produced by Quantum Petshop

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Promotional Banner Images

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Ryan Foss

Writer/Director for Bullets over Breakfast. He also did the majority of the special effects.

A scene grab from the movie. Ryan and Brandon face off over the waffle.
This artwork was generated for the movie and can be seen in the kid's book scene.
A scene grab from the movie. Brandon with a shotgun.
A scene grab from the movie. Ryan sees the waffle for the first time. Yum!
Ryan directs the pivitol guitar case scene. Notice the profeshional lighting.
A scene grab from the movie. Although a spoiler, eventually the action escalates to explosive content.
Promotional photo composite.
Poster 1

Poster 2

As seen at the Tambay Film Festival 2004

Promotional picture of Brandon posing with his weapon of choice.
Promotional photo taked during shooting. This displays the carnage at the table.

Promotional photo taken during the shoot. This image shows Brandon eating part of the waffle from the "dream sequence".

The Bullets over Breakfast DVD has many additional features not included on the website, so if you're really interested in how this short was made, you should check it out.

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