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The first run of Bullets Over Breakfast DVDs has sold out. Another batch will be made after the holidays. They are selling faster than imagined. Also submitted to another festival, a fun one!

  • Hi Mom! Film Festival -- Acceptance notification in ???

Bullets over Breakfast has been submitted to multiple festivals. Here is a list and when we expect to know if we've been accepted. I'll be compiling a BOB Festival page sooner than later.

  • Tambay Film Festival, Tampa Bay Florida -- Acceptance notification by January 20th
  • Crossroads Film Festival -- Acceptance notification in March
  • Telluride Indefest -- Acceptance notification in March
  • Key West Indefest -- Acceptance notification in March
  • Phoenix Film Fest -- Acceptance notification in ???

The Bullets Over Breakfast DVD can now be ordered. Check the store for details.

The Bullets Over Breakfast DVD was taken to print. We should have the DVDs by the 15th of December, just in time for Christmas. We're taking pre-orders now. To reserve your copy today, please e-mail

Our first review for Bullets Over Breakfast is in.

Due to the extraordinary number of entries, the programming committee is not able to provide feedback about your film.

Geoffrey Gilmore, Director
Sundance Film Festival

Well, needless to say, we didn't make it into Sundance. Keep coming back to find out more information about other festivals.

Well, its been along time coming, but there is actaully some news to report. First off, this website is going through redesigns and we're sorry if some of the links are broken. Its a very time consuming process to make a website, and we've been focusing our energies on other stuff.

The big news is that Bullets Over Breakfast should be available on DVD by mid December. This is slightly behind our estimated completion date. All I'll say is that making a DVD isn't as easy as it should have been. If you get the opportunity to make your own DVD some day, be sure and shy away from an exceptionally crappy software called DVDit. Pure s@*t. I think I rebuilt the DVD over ten times so I'm quite sick of it by now as you can imagine. Anyway, be sure and drop me a line if your interested in the DVD and we can work something out. Otherwise, check the QP Store.

Everything is new

Two of Ryan's animations have been included on North America's Best Independant Animated Shorts DVD.

Ryan did some freelance animation work for an independant film recently. Check out Muffin Man.














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