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Quantum Petshop at Turbo Squid

Yes, that's right. We have stuff on Turbo Squid. Models, textures, what have you.

Glossy News Interview

Glossy News interviews the director of Bullets over Breakfast, Quantum Petshop's very own Ryan Foss.


Terrarium is a great independent sci-fi horror movie.

Pink Cat Productions- Pizza the Movie

Pizza the Movie - an indie film that takes a love story, sock puppets and pizza to a new level.

Subversive Picture - End of the World

End of the World - Envisioned as a satirical dark comedy series for television. It was produced on a micro-budget to demonstrate the potential of the series concept. Download the 30 minute first episode from their site.

City Council Productions

A Minnesotan adventure in film making. Their DVD Volume 1 is a masterpiece. Too many hilarious films to mention.

Dead Gentlemen Productions

A truly hilarious improve group. Check out their incredibly funny short film Gamers. A comedy about dourks and adventure games.

319 Productions

319 Productions has two shorts worth checking out. Get Spielberg and Picture Perfect

Roll 20 Productions

If Goodbye, Mr. Feingold is any example, then Roll 20 is defiantly up to good filmmaking. Check out their new production, Boring OR.

Random Foo Pictures

Just too much stuff to mention. These guys have been up to it for years, and they have plenty to show for it.

Cinema Revolution

Cinema Revolution is an art house DVD rental store located in Uptown Minneapolis. They specialize in foreign and independent films on DVD, including Quantum Petshop's Bullets over Breakfast Special Edition DVD.

Film Jumper

A way to drive traffic to your website. Follow this link to sign up and we'll get a referral bonus.

SV Banner Exchange

Another way to drive traffic to your website and promote indie film.

Distant Star Productions

Fun Computer Games at an Affordable Price. Ryan has been helping produce art, game design, and 3D geometry for this small computer game company.

Renegade Motion Pictures

Renegade Motion Picture Corporation is dedicated to high-concept, low-budget production in all media.

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Fun Computer Games at an Affordable Price

More Links - Resources

Foss Familiy - Ryan's family website. The website for Ryan and Gail Foss's family. Information and latest pictures of Aidan Foss and Nathan Foss.

Big Pumpkins - a giant pumpkins website.

Filmmaker Resources - Valuable resources for filmmakers.


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