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Quantum Petshop was founded in 1998 and it's a small group of independent artists and filmmakers. Its founding members experiment in areas such as graphic design, computer animation, writing, special effects, simulation, etc. We pride ourselves in our off beat sense of humor and style, and try to produce edgy and original entertainment. We do this stuff for fun and we hope it shows in our films and other projects. Quantum Petshop is located in the Minneapolis Minnesota (USA) area.

We are currently looking for talented individuals. If you want to work with us, check out Quantum Petshop's Current Talent Call.

Quantum Petshop Founding Members

Ryan Foss

Occupation: Modeling and Simulation/Visualization Engineer
Skills: Visual Effects/Special Effects, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Writing, Story boarding, Editing, Directing, Drawing, Sound Effects, blending in, Web Design

Bill Nagel

Occupation: Architect
Skills: Graphic Design, Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Photography, Drawing, Painting, CAD, Construction, Water Retention, Web Design


Quantum Petshop Supporting Cast and Crew

Jesse Kuntz

Talent: Acting

Rich Stahle

Talent: Music

Anthony Lombardi

Talent: Music

  • Composer


MIA Quantum Petshop Members

Brandon Ogle

Talent: Missed


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